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I’m looking for 10 DRIVEN, OVERWEIGHT MOMS & DADS who sacrificed their health and want to GET LEAN & MEDICATION FREE to be around for their kids, 

Overworked MOMS AND DADS who realize that their career has taken its toll on their body by

👉 EATING take out and catered lunches

👉 BUSSING around kids

👉 HAVING business dinners

👉 HAVING to  work late

👉 Not being able to do a morning routine


The consequences appear slowly at first. The symptoms are:

⚡️ Having to buy new clothes or having your adjusted because they get too tight.

⚡️ Feeling uncomfortable sitting

⚡️ Struggling with tying shoes because of the Michelin Tire.

⚡️ Shortness of breath after a flight of stairs

⚡️ Low energy


All of that because our careers and families have a price and it is our health and longevity!

There is a point where we have to make a choice.

The choice of making your health and fitness a priority and:

✅ be there for our kids,

✅ see them grow up,

✅ get married,

✅ maybe have kids themselves…



🚫 neglecting yourself

🚫 not being able to experience that,

🚫 not making those memories,

🚫 not being there when they need us.


My name is Michael, and I was once in your shoes…

Being a business owner working long hours, not only impacted my health, it impacted my life at home.

❌ I felt like my kids stopped wanting to spend time with me knowing I had to work

❌ My relationship with my wife had cooled off, we started to be roommates, nothing else

❌ I started having problems with high blood pressure because of the stress

❌ My work started killing me


For a while there, I lost sight of the one role I’m most thankful for, my role of being the father to my kids and my family.

✅ It’s my mission to help OVERWEiGHT MOMS AND DADS who have neglected their health and struggle with the fall out to stay alive and make memories with their kids for the next 30 years.  

✅ Show your kids that it is possible to find a balance between career and your family and your own wellbeing & fitness.

Let’s do this together in 2019 and create a movement of driven dads being the best version of themselves!


Will you be next?

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Who we are

Who we are

We are fitness loving people who have a passion to help others accomplish their goals in a healthy way.

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Who we are not

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How we help

Using evidence-based training, we provide services that don’t require you to live in the gym.

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What we do

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