High Intensity Exercises rev up your metabolism!


Weight Loss and Toning are the most common goals of our clients. The key is to increase your metabolism by utilizing a mix of strength training, cardiovascular training and high intensity interval training. This needs to be supported by nutrition that preserves lean muscle mass, helps kickstarting your metabolism, while avoiding you feeling hungry, tired and deprived.


Weight or muscle gain can be just as difficult for some people as it is for others to lose fat. This training focuses on an intense strength training.
Cardiovascular components usually tend to play a minor role here. The training is  built on a resistance training design that enhances strength and muscle mass gains. If necessary 1-2 high intensity interval training sessions will be included to ensure that the weight gain is primarily lean muscle.
Nutrition plays an important role in this area as well. A food intake too low in energy or protein will often lead to mediocre results at best or complete stagnation.

Are you ready to put on some lean muscle?
A well structured training will get you back to your sport or daily life faster!


This training is designed for people who have had an injury or have/had a sickness that needs to be addressed by a professional trained to do so. Our comprehensive assessment determines risk factors and goes more in depth than our usual assessment when it comes to movement, etc. We also work closely together with your  healthcare professionals to optimize the training and care that you need. The goal is to reintegrate you into daily life activities and if possible into your sport fast and efficiently. The training systematically build coordination, mobility, stability, strength and cardiovascular abilities.


Our sport specific conditioning program is directly designed to enhance your performance in your sport. This is something you can dive into directly or you might go for some weight loss and toning at the same time, or even come out of the Post Rehabilitative Training. Regardless our training is highly customized and one training can and should flow into the next. If you are starting with this training then you will be subject to a thorough initial consultation that will exceed our basic assessment. In order to work at the highest performance we will make sure that all aspects of your body are delivering what they need to. Like with all training nutrition is a key part of performance. You are what you eat. If you want to be your best you need to put in the necessary fuel to get it.

An incomplete list of sports we train & condition for:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  •  Running
  • Triathlons
  • Mixed Martial Arts
Why stop at being good, if you can be great?