Weight Loss & Toning Success through Online Personal Training

Our online personal training and nutrition programs are highly sophisticated and designed to enable our trainers create custom designed training plans and give feedback by checking in to see how you as our client progresses.

Our programs are based on your long term success.

Shape Up Online Fitness Training Programs

We design your workouts every month customized to your needs and goals.

In order to understand you better, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire about your health, goals, lifestyle and eating habits. Depending on the plan you choose you will receive an online functional movement and posture assessment as well. We encourage you to keep track of your food intake. It helps us to customize your nutrition to your needs, make adjustments and help you accomplish your goals fast and efficiently.

We aim to establish long term lifestyle and nutrition habits instead of quick diets and fixes that will backfire after a couple of weeks or not work at all.

Your plan is going to be  changed and adjusted based on your progress to ensure future success. We provide training plans in 4 week intervals. This gives you enough time to improve without the program going stale. After 4 weeks we change the program to keep your body stimulated and improving.

Online Nutrition Coaching

As a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach I will help you to make habit based changes to your behavior that enables you to lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass, feel and look good and enjoy the results gained by the hard work of your training.

The nutrition coaching can be separately or in combination with your training. If you feel you have a good enough grasp on your training then let me help you fine tune your nutrition.

For most of my clients it is combination of coordinated training and nutrition that brings the most success.

Prerequisites for Online Personal Training

I want to be clear with you. This will require work & effort from your side!

  1. You need to be motivated. if you are not, you are wasting our time and your money.
  2. You will have us at your disposal for consultations and questions but we need you to be focused to get the most out of this program. Follow our instructions closely and ask if you have questions.
  3. You cannot out-train your diet. If you think that you can eat whatever you want,  if you just train hard enough you are on the path to failure. Good nutrition choices support the work that you put in, bad ones will sabotage it.
  4. Don’t underestimate the encouragement, knowledge, help and accountability of world class training. You have some of the leading experts in fitness at your disposal. We are looking forward to helping you become your best!

If you are willing to invest between $97 to 167/month into your and want to find out more, go to our Online Fitness Training Site: