The Best Part of Personal Training

Is Changing People’s Lives for the Better

Rob Wilder came to us to get some guidance for his training. Since then he has transformed his life and is super fit. He lost 7% body fat, is able to do 20 pull ups and presses over 900 lb on the leg press. Here is his story

Callie Fields came to us being really frustrated with her weight and felt like now that she was in her thirties things were going to go downhill. See what she has to say about her training with us:

Shawn Cardner came to us to get in shape and work on his golf game. He has lost around 30 lbs has hugely improved his game but listen yourself to what he has to say about his personal training with us.

Joe Speziale has shed a lot of body fat before he came to us. He did not expect for us to make such a big impact. He lost more body fat and really toned up.
Here is what he has to say.

Holly Twigger came to us to get ready for her wedding. She has had awesome results.

Nikki Norris has worked with us for a while and she had some fabulous results and is still kicking butt.

Carson came to us to get ready for her wedding. Lose some weight, tone her arms. Well she did that, now she is rocking it even harder. Here is her story:

Kayla Palm came to us wanting to shed some body fat and getting rid of some back pain. She has done a phenomenal job and she keeps getting stronger and fitter!

Danielle had some really bad experience with other personal trainers before she came to us. Since working with us she has lost 10 lb, became a faster runner and is loving it.

Carlton Clark, a soccer player, and fitness enthusiast, wanted to stay on top of his game. After coming to us he shed some unnecessary weight and won his soccer tournament consisting mostly of players younger than him. Here is his testimonial:

“I’ve been working with Shape Up Fitness & Wellness for nearly two years. When I first started working with Tyson, I was unhappy with the way I felt both physically and mentally. I’ve always been someone who works out regularly, but I was at a point where my workouts didn’t seem to be effective. Working with Tyson has not only revamped my exercise and fitness routine, but it has given me greater confidence in myself and what I can accomplish. Since first starting with Shape Up, I’ve lost 12 lbs, 13 inches, and 6% body fat. I have been able to sustain my weight loss for nearly two years. When I first signed up, I never expected to attend personal training for more than a few months. Honestly, I hoped to pick up some skills and techniques that I could apply on my own. However, with the ever-changing workouts and routines, I have no plans to leave ShapeUp in the near future. My trainer is really more than a personal trainer….she is someone who has provided me with guidance, insight, and enabled me to grow, both physically and personally, in ways that I never knew possible. I literally look forward to my workouts every week, and the impact that my workouts have on my physical and emotional well-being. With Tyson’s encouragement, advice, and constant support, I feel that I will only continue to improve myself. Long story short, they are stuck with me ☺”McRea Daniel

Debra Beaven came to us because she needed guidance in her workouts. She was not getting anywhere on her own. Here is what she has to say:

Denise Sutter has lost over 50 lb and is still going strong. The combination of the right nutrition with personalized training has been a huge success. Check out what she has to say:

Daniel Molino worked with us because he wanted to become more athletic, run a race, lose some body fat. He has done all that!

“I am not an exercise enthusiast. I joined King Fitness because I knew I needed to work out. Michael, I find that I come to the gym on a regular basis. The fact that I have an appointment keeps me on track. We have set goals for physical fitness and weight loss. My strength and fitness level have both increased. just happened to be the personal trainer at the time.Since I started working withMichael keeps me on target. He has become a friend, as well as trainer. I think his relaxed personality allows him to deal with many aspects of the training cycle. Even when I “whine”. I think he is the best.”Judy Pinner

Lizzie Hughes came to us to fight hypertension, lose some body fat and really tone up. She did that. Within 6 weeks she lost 8 lb and was able to do 30 push ups where she was able to do 6 before. Listen to what she has to say:

Megan Cross lost several inches and pounds to get ready for her wedding. It became a joke that she had to go and keep refitting her wedding dress because she continued toning up and losing body fat. Here is her story.

Mike Sellen, after battling thyroid cancer, has regained his health with the help of proper nutrition and a balanced training program designed by Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting. Check out what he has to say:

“Our association with Michael Anders and Shape Up Personal Training, Inc. (now Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting Inc.) began with a detailed assessment of current physical status coupled with a discussion of medical and exercise history so that meaningful personal goals could be established. Early sessions consisted of range finding exercises to assess cardio, strength, and endurance capability. Once a baseline was established in each area, the emphasis has shifted from one to the other over time to secure substantial gains in all three areas.As a result of the personalized program Michael has developed and managed for us, overall health and well-being have improved dramatically. He has consistently raised the bar so that despite any “protestations” great progress has been achieved and maintained. Michael balances instruction, motivation, and humor in a way that takes self-consciousness out of the equation so that giving your best effort each session is never in doubt.”
Mike and Jane Sellen

“My name is Vicki S. I met Michael Anders 2 yrs. ago. I was a 53 yr. old white female and had never participated in any type of competitive sport. I had osteopenia and osteoporosis, high cholesterol, and had a strong family history of heart disease. My goal was to increase my bone density, improve my cardiovascular system, and start training for a triathlon. I was referred to Michael by a physician who used Michael as a personal trainer.Michael has a wealth of knowledge in anatomy and physiology and exercise physiology. I am a registered nurse and know that the information he is giving me is correct. He just puts it all together for me. He creates training plans specific to my individual needs and specific to the event I am training for, which varies from time to time.I am involved in an on-going, year-round training plan. I see Michael once/wk. At that time, he shows me new core strength-building exercises and observes me to make sure that I am doing them correctly. Since I live 30 min. away from his gym, he allows me to work out at a gym closer to home. I strengthen my core according to his designated # of sets, repetitions, and intensity. I also run, bike and swim solo according to his guidelines.Since I have started training with Michael, in combination with diet and exercise, I have l lowered my total cholesterol, lowered my LDL (bad chol.) and raised the HDL (good chol.). My bone density has stabilized and I have completed 4 sprint triathlons! My self confidence has improved. Also, by working with Michael, I have learned that exercising is not only physically beneficial but mentally uplifting as well. It actually is fun!

In addition to Michael‘s wealth of knowledge, he intuitively knows what people need. He is always very cheerful, funny, uplifting and motivating. I know Michael genuinely cares about his clients and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health or train for a special event.”

Vicki S.

What I needed:· MOTIVATION· A solid training plan that would accommodate all of the injuries I had to deal with and still enable me to work out like I wanted to· Accountability and support (“ tough love” so to speak, someone who wouldn’t let me wimp out on a bad day)· Someone to understand what I wanted to accomplish and help me get there – and help me see that it’s a gradual process if I wanted to succeed.

What I have achieved:

· A renewed passion for working out

· I never lack for motivation since starting to train with Michael

· He holds me accountable to following a solid nutrition plan and workout program by having me send updates each week – and his support has helped me in ways I just can’t put into words.

I NEVER thought I’d be as strong as I am – I couldn’t have done that on my own, there is no way.

· He has worked very hard to help me work towards my goal – he is constantly researching new exercises, new training methods so that his clients do not reach plateaus and get frustrated with their training.

I don’t know many trainers who work this hard to really individualize their training programs.

· I’ve been able to see my strength and muscle dramatically increase even with 2 bad knees!

· My cardio endurance had increased dramatically

· My mental wellbeing has come SUCH a long way since I’m able to exercise and see results from my training

· I’ve learned how to set REASONABLE goals with milestones along the way

I’m a much happier person and have seen very positive changes in my self-esteem and the way I think of myself. I had a very poor self- image and just by the goals we’ve been able to reach in the gym, I’ve really improved the way I feel about myself. My diet is better, I sleep better at night since I work out every day. My strength has improved tremendously (my goal is unlike that of most women, I want to increase my muscle mass in addition to losing bodyfat)

I have learned SO many new exercises that I can do to challenge myself – I would have never thought about many of the exercises that we do (balance/stabilization for example) but they’ve helped me so much. I can work out safely and not have the debilitating knee pain I was experiencing before we started training together.

I needed a good, solid training plan that would help me overcome some physical limitations and someone to motivate me – I had been dealing with depression and several athletic injuries that had caused me to gain weight and I was terribly unmotivated. I had previous knowledge of weight training being a certified trainer myself, but I wanted to work with someone who had much more knowledge than I did about designing programs for specific limitations (knee injuries, etc).

I knew how to work out already, but Michael was able to help me focus on a program in a way that I would never have been able to do myself. After meeting and working with Michael (I have been a client for two and a half years), I am convinced that he is truly among the very best of the best in the personal training business. I have met and worked with MANY trainers and he is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to personal attention, his education and knowledge, and the amount of time he puts into designing the BEST plan for each client.

Michael was able to make training FUN for me again – despite all the injuries he was able to give me a great program to keep me working out and on track towards my goals of losing weight, gaining strength and muscle. I’ve had some setbacks along the way but thanks to Michael’s motivation and dedication, I always come out ahead – I’ve never known or worked with a trainer who cares so much about each client’s total well-being. Since I started training with Michael, I have seen tremendous positive changes not only physically but mentally as well.

He has helped me see that I really can set goals and achieve them. This is why I continue to train with him after such a long period of time. Other gym members ask me “haven’t you learned enough now so you can do it without Michael now?” I tell them there’s no way I could train myself as well as Michael does – his knowledge of how to change up training plans by adding new and challenging exercises keeps me working out every day. There’s no “boring routine” – it’s too much fun to miss out! It’s such a rush for me to take on Michael’s challenges – and actually accomplish them. I have a ways to go before I reach my goals but the journey of getting there is so much fun and I’m convinced that is ONLY because of Michael’s training.”

Pam Bennett

“I have been working with Michael and have to say he rocks as a trainer! When I came to the gym I just wanted someone to jump start me… having not trained for over a year. I had initially thought I would only use Michael for about 4 or 5 sessions, but now here I am still working with him after 8 months. Each week Michael shows me something new and really keeps me on my toes both physically and mentally.He uses my yoga background and creates new ways for me to exercise and work the core areas I was concerned about. At 56, I wanted to increase my overall strength and cardio, improve my sagging behind and those dreaded swinging in the breeze underarms….. Michael customized a program including a weekly chart of what to work and for how long…… I wish I could say that the results have been so amazing that I now have the body of a 20 year old…. But I can’t…..because no one can work miracles…. But what I can say is I have seen an amazing overall toning of my behind and core, and I am going sleeveless this summer. I think the best part has been Michael dedication and enthusiasm to help me not only look my very best, but to be HEALTHY.”Kristen LeCrone

“When I started training with Michael, I needed a new direction with my work outs. Michael listened to my needs and provided that direction. He has helped me develop a plan to tone my body and increase my running endurance.Michael has taken a real interest in my goals and has been able to educate me on the proper exercise techniques. One of the things that I have learned is how to properly run and build my endurance with this exercise. Overall, I believe that Michael is very knowledgeable and has the skills to help anyone achieve a stronger body and healthier lifestyle.”Debra Beaven

“At 47 years of age I found myself fighting the aches and pains of pulled muscles from my favorite pass-time of windsurfing. Beside windsurfing, I also mountain bike, swim, water ski and wake board. Maintaining my lifestyle was becoming more and more difficult. Having never used a personal trainer before, I was a little skeptical about signing up for one. However, I’m open to anything that might improve my athletic skills and improve my quality of life for many more years. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.After only a month of receiving help from Mike Anders my chronic back pains have all but disappeared, my legs are stronger and more limber, and my overall reaction time is quicker. I’m now a long-term customer of Mike’s and will continue to be so for a while. I’ve been given new hope in my windsurfing competitions, and am enjoying my other passions without the agony I used to have to endure.”Sincerely,Alan White, past president of

Windsurfing Club:

“Michael has helped me tremendously. I have enjoyed working with him for almost two years now. My priorities when starting were to lose weight, gain confidence in a gym setting, and become healthier overall. I have lost several inches all over and at least 25 pounds. My clothes are several sizes smaller than when I started. I would have never felt comfortable working out with weights in a gym before working with Michael.
I knew it was important, but I found weights and gyms intimidating.Now I feel like I can manage working out with weights in a gym with the correct weight, form, and routine. I also feel like Michael has encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle by helping me understand that cardio, weights, and diet all play a role in accomplishing the goals we set. My husband and my friends also see Michael and have enjoyed their training. I look forward to working out now whereas before I was not even a member of a gym, even though I knew I should have been.”Christy Morton

“When I came to see Michael two years ago, at age 67, I was overweight and out of shape. I wanted to lose weight and become fit. I was especially interested in developing core strength, since I intend to live quite a lot longer and want to be able to enjoy my life and play with my grandchildren in a very active way. I have lost very little weight, actually, but I am much stronger and feel lighter and younger.Michael has “tortured me” into becoming more fit and having fun along the way. When I began, I was having lower back problems, Achilles tendon problems, was winded after climbing stairs if I could even climb them without my heel hurting terribly. I couldn’t lift much of anything without help. Recently, I helped my daughter move from one house to another, and I was able to bend, pack, lift, carry boxes up 3 flights of stairs, then unpack them and still have energy to play with the girls. Michael makes working out, which I have always hated and therefore avoided, almost fun!”Ginny Wright, Ph.D.

“I have worked with Michael Anders for three years and remain incredibly pleased and impressed with his ability as a personal trainer. MA may be the initials for his name, but in my mind, it stands for Mr. Awesome and Mr. Amazing.Much of my adult life I was fit and active, doing triathlon, marathons, and weight training. After significant emotional stressors took me out of training, I gained over 100 pounds having a sedentary lifestyle for several years. When I became motivated to get back in shape is was quite daunting to return to the gym as the now de-conditioned obese member, rather than the strong fit athlete I had been previously.Michael made this step much easier by sincerely honoring and valuing me and my goals, well before I had proven myself. Working with him over time has been integral to my staying with the plan, making progress, and achieving my goals.I have worked with a number of trainers over several decades and Michael is undoubtedly the most learned, most committed and most caring trainer I have encountered. His Master’s Degree in Sports Science coupled with his innate intelligence gives him the solid knowledge base. As a physician, I can truly respect the breadth of his knowledge in anatomy and human kinetics; his expertise in these areas far exceeds mine. When that academic foundation is coupled with his personal ethic and attention to detail, the resultant services he provides maximize progress while minimizing risk of injury. He is certified in post rehabilitation training, and filled a very important role in my safely continuing training in the perioperative period of rotator cuff/ shoulder impingement surgery. Michael has custom tailored my training plan with attention to my specific needs, personal goals, and demonstrated preferences. This clearly reflects his intelligence and dedication to his chosen profession as well as to me as an individual.

Indeed, with Michael’s guidance I have lost that desired 135 pounds. I have resumed a healthy lifestyle combining cardio, weight training, and nutrition. His sport specific training plans have provided for my successfully meeting stepwise goals of athletic performance. He has prepared me for the successful completion of a distance swim of ten miles, bicycling over 100 miles, and two half Ironman competitions. I qualified for the national team to compete in international long course duathlon competition, which is a direct result of the progress I have made under Michael’s guidance.

Yes, I have worked hard to make this progress, but much of the credit is Michael’s. He has made our regular workouts varied and fun, and has kept me motivated and healthy. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly endorse Michael as the trainer of choice. Awesome and amazing!!!”

Laurie Bumgarner, MD