No Pain, No Gain Philosophy and other crap in the training industry

In my experience as a personal trainer over the last 12 years  I have seen quite a lot of BS and one of it is that something has to hurt before it gets stronger. The best example was this dude how was doing biceps curls with a barbell. His form was beyond horrible besides the fact that the barbell is not made for curls. The back arched with each repetition as he jerked up the weight. He confirmed that he had back pain and I suggested some modifications. He just shook his head and said he needed it. Hearing that I just shook mine and walked away. You can only lead a horse to water but not make it drink.

Here are some simple rules of avoiding injury while training:

  1. make sure your gym maintains the equipment properly. Slipping belts on treadmills, broken cables, loose DB weights are an indicator of bed maintenance.
  2. Warm up, it does only take a couple of min. Do a warm up set before lifting if you have the time. It will prepare you better and get you in the right frame of mind.
  3. Thinking that more is better, think again. Going really hard in one training and then not being able to go again for a week is not the optimum.
  4. If you just started out, don’t go all out, and for your own sake don’t copy the meatheads at the gym or your fitness magazine, it is a recipy for disaster.
  5. Free weights are fantastic tool but only use them if you know the proper form. Ask your personal trainer or strength coach for help
  6. Help others, receive help. If you know that an exercise is pushing you to the max, get someone to spot you. It will keep you safe.
  7. Are you just working on your thighs and butt or just your chest and upper body? Newsflash, no one likes a toned butt and flabby arms or a toned chest and upper body and legs that you can sue for lack of support. Balance is the key. A body that is not trained balanced will lead to injury.
  8. A good personal trainer can really help you with your form. Even if you don’t want to train with a trainer or can afford one for longer. Take the time to ask them about form. It will really help you.

Alright guys,

have a great workout.


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  • Andrew Holtz
    Posted at 22:07h, 16 February

    Excellent information. I too try to “help” but then just walk away. Keep up the good work.

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