How to finally lose the weight successfully forever!

So many people come to us wanting to lose weight. The ones who do what is necessary have an awesome success and being part of changing their life is just amazing. We want to help you transform your life regardless of you being a client of ours or not.

This approach is slower and might not appeal at first to everyone, because most people want to have instant success. Sometimes though, we are overwhelmed with what needs to be done. For some people a slower approach works better. Consider this the 12 Step program of losing weight and being fitter than ever. Each month you are adding a little bit to it and by the end of the year you will not recognize the person in the mirror.


12 Steps to a healthier you!


  1. Month: Schedule 8 hours of sleep: This is crucial to balance your hormone levels and establishes a baseline that allows you to lose weight and become fitter.
  2. Month: Nutrition: Have 1 Meal a day that is as unprocessed as possible with lots of veggies, fruits, organic meat/poultry/fish
  3. Month: Start exercising if you have not been doing that already. Biggest bang for your buck: lift weights 3 days a week. The extra lean muscle mass helps burning fat even sitting at work.
  4. Month: Start being more active: Take a 15-20 min walk every day before or after work.
  5. Month: Replace a second meal a day with mostly unprocessed food and prepare it at home
  6. Month: Start doing some High Intensity Interval Training 2-3 days a week for about 20-30 min/session.
  7. Month: Cut out sodas and replace it with unsweetened tea or tea with a little bit of raw honey
  8. Month: start replacing highly processed snacks (chocolate, crackers, cookies, chips, etc.) with fruits and nuts
  9. Month: Allow yourself 1 cheat meal out of ten good ones.
  10. Month: Log your training regularly and take note of  your progress
  11. Month: Intensify your training start a more serious weight lifting regimen. If you are a woman, don’t be afraid, you won’t look like a guy!
  12. Month: Celebrate  your success by treating yourself to a spa day or a day with your buddies out. Please don’t treat yourself with food.

These steps can be done in weekly or monthly segments whichever you choose. They will  bring you to a whole new fitness level!

If you need help with your training, feel free to contact us!


Michael Anders

Head Trainer at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

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