10 Ways Of Getting Your Weight Loss Back On Track!

So, you fell off the wagon. Maybe there was a birthday or a big holiday and you “slacked off” a little and now you cannot get it back on track. It happens to a lot of us, don’t worry about it. Here are some things you can do to get back on that wagon:

  1. Write down and review your goals. If you have pictures of how you would like to look, check them out and imagine yourself successfully losing the weight or achieving your goals!
  2. Make a short-term game plan on how you get back on track–and with short, I mean short. Write down 2-3 things that you are going to implement over the next couple of days! It will give you a feeling of success!
  3. Exercise with the following mind-set: Do more than nothing! Work out for just 10 min, if you feel like more, go ahead. If you don’t feel like more, then you have at least done a little!
  4. Tell your friends and family that you are back on track!
  5. Ask someone to join you on your journey to fitness success!
  6. Find a personal trainer to create a workout for you! Or even better, hire one to motivate and push you on a regular basis!
  7. Go through the events calendar of your local newspaper! You can find awesome activities for little money on the weekends, ranging from boot camps, yoga, to running clubs, etc. They all welcome beginners and they can be  great support groups!
  8. Get the food out of the house! Whatever it is that you are dying to eat, where you have trouble controlling yourself, get it out of the house! Instead, if you feel like you need to have some, only buy a little bit of it, so when you eat it, you cannot overeat!
  9. Cook your food and take it with you. Most people who eat out for lunch or dinner eat several hundred calories more in a day than the person who prepares her/his own food.
  10. Keep at it. It is a journey and success does not come over night. There are days it will be more difficult but remember you are making a positive change for yourself, be proud of it and stick with it!
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