Are you having trouble with your nutrition?

Are you having problems getting your nutrition under control? Welcome to the world of losing weight, gaining weight or just being in top shape for your sport.

Nutrition is the key to everything. You will find out quickly that no matter what you want to accomplish, you won’t really be your best without good nutrition.

Now, there are several ways to approach it. Our clients have tried many different things and a lot of them work, at least for a while. They cut calories, they cut out whole food groups like  fat and carbs. Over a short period of time they are usually successful. At a later point they usually regain the weight, though. The best recommendation on how to eat is to change your habits. You have to go and eat food that is food.

Does that sound confusing?

Well, it means that you should eat a lot of vegetables and fruit that are unprocessed. Not all of it has to be organic, but a rule is: if you eat all of the fruit or veggie and you don’t peel it, buy it organically.

Although recent studies have shown that the pesticide content is low we could still choose organic because we want to reduce the amount of phosphates in our food.

Meat, poultry and fish are not the devil. If you are financially able, buy grassfed meats & poultry (untreated). Fish is an important source for Omega-3 fatty acids but can also lead to mercury poisoning, so make sure you know where your fish is from and what the contamination level is.

You can use nuts and fruits as healthy snacks. If your food does not look like it has been alive at some point, don’t eat it. It is most likely filled with all kinds of crab and junk calories.

Also, the thing that works the best is identifying your biggest weakness.

  1. Going out: get half of it in a doggy box before it ever shows up at your table
  2. Sweets: sugar cravings are tough, best is to lose it altogether, throw it out. If that does not work, eat a piece of chocolate for example and then eat your regular meal.
  3. Alcohol, social: Tell all of your friends, not to offer you alcohol, if that does not work, you need to avoid the situation
  4. Alcohol, alone: If you like to drink alone, make sure you don’t have a habit. If that is the case, please seek help with various places like Alcoholics Anonymous if you cannot stop drinking. Alcohol does not add anything to your nutrition.
  5. Salty: I know french fries and chips can be enticing. Make sure to buy one small pack at a time, not more.


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