EC3D coming to Charlotte

Alright everyone, We have a huge announcement to make. We at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting are now offering compression garment for our clients. The compression gear comes with some huge benefits.

  1. It improves your blood circulation by directing blood flow from capillaries to blood vessels, enhancing oxygen exchange
  2. Reduces your lactic acid build-up by 29% and therefore can lead to less fatigue and cramping.
  3. The oxygen delivery to your muscles is improved by strategic compression placement and prevents blood pooling.
  4. Muscle alignment is improved
  5. Your balance and your posture is improved by having better proprioceptive feedback from the clothing
  6. Muscle oscillation is reduced which in return can reduce micro-tears in muscles
  7. Your recovery time can be reduced if you wear the recovery gear for 3 hours or more right after your exercise.

Compression clothing needs to be fitted. If you are interested, please make an appointment with us and we will take measures and order the compression gear.

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