Exercise, fitness and work can be a pain in the a… i mean neck!

Check this out. I talked to my friend the chiropractor Markus Schuster next door. As a personal trainer I  have been working with him and some of his clients for the past year and have to say we had some awesome results.

The reason I am posting this today is that I had a whole bunch of “desk warriors” and “travel champions” come in lately with severe neck issues that were relentless. As much as I would like to think that I can fix it all, it is sadly not true. Markus has done an incredible job at helping some of my clients.

This video is just an introduction and depending on the feedback we will add a mini series every two weeks or so dealing with specific issues and how YOU can deal with it to avoid getting bigger problems.

If you need to contact Markus for help you can get in touch with him here

4832 Park Road, Suite J,
Charlotte, NC 28209
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