Get back on the wagon and have more training success than before!

You fell off the wagon with your nutrition and the wagon is nowhere to be seen?

How many of you have had that experience? I have personal training clients tell me: “Michael, I am just tired and don’t want to count calories, anymore. I don’t want to do this or that.”

What has happened? Just like a train can get off the track, so can you. Among the things that can get you off track are special occasions (weddings, birthdays, deaths, etc), events (your partner left you, stressful situation at work), sleep deprivation (changes your hormone levels) or maybe a partner that brings in bad foods that you would not have otherwise.

Now, the good news: You can change that. You can get back on track, stronger than ever. Do this and you will reach your true potential!

  • You have to recognize that you are responsible for yourself. That does not mean go out blame yourself, feel terrible and eat some chocolate to ease the pain. It is not about blame, but rather acknowledgement that you are in charge of everything in your life. If you don’t like it, then you can choose differently. If you don’t like the alternative, does not mean you don’t have it. You don’t have to eat bad foods, go to work, play with your kids, or do whatever. You are choosing to do so. This is a major paradigm shift for many of us. It empowers us, enables us to grow.
  • Get rid of blame. Like I said before, blame is crap and no one needs it. It won’t help you accomplish anything but feel bad and eat more junk food. Acknowledge that past decisions were as good as you were able to make them at the time and change them moving forward. Beating yourself up about it does not change the past. That is the concept of past, it is behind you, no change possible there, but the here and now, that is different.
  • Passion. Be passionate about who you are to become. You can see yourself as sporty and fit, as thin and athletic. Be like a child. Watching my son play taught me that he experiences excitement and passion for what he does. Imagine how you look like at your best. Did you notice I was not using future but present tense? Imagine it is in the here and now. Otherwise you are always “going to be” instead “being”.
  • The practical part. Make a ritual. Go to your personal trainer or your gym after planning everything out and workout hard. Give it your best. You will feel that if you work out this hard, then it is just not worth eating junk.
  • After you finished your workout go ahead and buy your groceries, tell your partner to leave the junk outside the door. Be firm. Remember how you felt after that workout? Imagine the transformation your body is going through.
  • Cook the most of your meals on your weekends. Cook several at the same time. Buy veggies that you can steam in a microwave at work. Voila, you have your lunch. Pack your snacks into little zip-lock bags. It really helps!
  • Make sure you have enough protein and fat in your diet. Both help you feeling more satisfied and full. Who in the world wants to be hungry all the time?
  • The spike of junk food. Do you remember the last time you had French fries you were craving? Do you remember how good they felt when you had them? How did you feel afterwards? How did you feel getting on the scale? Junk food might provide you with a short feeling of satisfaction but that is nothing compared to the great feeling of looking the way you want and being as fit as you want to be.

You have taken responsibility for your actions, you are working out and you understand the value of what you do. Now do it and kick some butt. Show naysayers that you can do it. Just because your family or friends think that you are an idiot for getting up early or not going to the After-Hour Party, does not mean that you are. YOU ARE WHO YOU WANT TO BE.

You will be healthier, fitter and more energetic. Who wants to be average in life? You? I doubt it; maybe you accepted it because you think you cannot be any other way. But by now, you know that you have a choice, you have the choice to be better, be more!

Sorry for going off on a rant here. But I think you guys can really do it.

If you need any help with it just call me or email me.


Michael Anders

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