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I am going regularly to the park with my son. My son has low muscle tone. It is a condition that can severely slow down his learning of new movements and speech. Therapy is simple: move and be active as much as possible.

What I observedActive with kids Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

Aside from almost every adult at the playground looking intently at their phone instead of their kids (kind of guilty of that sometimes too). I could observe a close relationship of how the parents looked and how their kids looked like.

This might not come as a surprise to you. It should not. But it was nonetheless astounding how much the kids looked like their parents. If the parents were severely obese the likelihood of the child to have way too much weight on her was increased as well. Same the other way around. If the parents seemed to be in reasonable shape the children seemed to be more active and physical.

Take responsibility

I know it is not easy in a time where food, especially fast food is everywhere. But if not for us then at least for our children we carry a responsibility to make an effort to be healthy, eat healthy and move more. I am not talking about having a six-pack or looking like a model. I am simply talking about making healthy choices when it comes to eating, moving, and being generally active.

Do these 10 things to be more proactive


  1. Participate in outdoors activities with your child like adventure playgrounds, splash grounds.
  2. Use indoor facilities like Monkey Joe’s, Ray’s Splash Planet or Defy Gravity when the weather prohibits outdoors activities.
  3. Chase your kids around the house. My son for sure gives me a great workout. He can play for hours.
  4. Limit the use of electronic devices and encourage playing outside for an hour or two hours in the morning or late afternoon.
  5. Go hike in the mountains or local woods, drive to the beach and play in the ocean. Be active.
  6. Go for a run with your kids on the bike, it will keep you and them in shape.


  1. Make small changes. Make an effort to make one of your meals/day healthy in the first week. Add a second one in the following.
  2. Bring some healthy snacks to your activities: chicken leftovers, carrots, fruit, Avocado Pudding and replace the sugar with some raw honey, banana, or stevia.
  3. Reduce the fast food meals to one or two/week
  4. Start cooking the big ticket items over the weekend to save you time during the week.

These are just few tips that can help you to a healthier lifestyle not just for you but for your kids also.

Have an awesome start into the weekend,


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