Get rid of the things that make you eat a lot and finally lose the weight!

Alright, as a personal trainer I have seen many things. People have so many reasons to eat it is amazing. Here some things that you can do to start modifying your eating habits!

  1. What are your food triggers?
    1. If fights makes you eat, try to clarify the situation as soon as you can. It is not worth sulking if it makes you eat 500 kcal of junk.
    2. If you are stressed at work and would go for the candy drawer (I know a person or two who do that J ) get up and get some water.
    3. Boredom eater. Instead of sitting in front of the TV flipping channels, go and organize your closet, you do something productive and you don’t eat.
    4. Don’t shop for groceries if you are hungry!
    5. If you have the tendency to pile food on your plate until it is overflowing, grab a smaller plate or grab food that is low in calories.
  2. Goals
    1. I have said it many times: make sure you set reasonable goals. Don’t go all out and try to lose 10 lbs in a week. Yes, you might have heard people do that but that is never just fat unless they were exercising all day long. A reasonable goal is 1-2 lbs a week. Initially, it might be a little bit more but then it is water as well. Remember one pound of fat is 3500 kcal that need to be burnt/consumed less. Try to get a steady 30-45 min workout/walk in almost every day and you are making headway.
    2. Setting unreasonable goals that we don’t achieve often trigger our desire to eat. So you are better off, setting goals that are achievable and don’t tempt you to eat your frustrations.
  3. Do it like the Tour de France
    1. Like I said before, work in stages, set yourself short, middle and long term goals. Big goals will also trigger big hunger. Working in stages definitely helps, call it chunking.
  4. Leave Track marks… on a piece of paper!
    1. Write down “before” and “after” measurements. Don’t measure every day, once a week is sufficient
    2. Make sure you know your height, body fat, BMI,
    3. Log your food. This is the single BIGGEST MISTAKE people trying to lose weight make. Knowing what you are eating and how much will get you to your goal faster and you can calculate in some of the “naughty” stuff you like to eat here and there.
  5. Be nice to yourself
    1. Treat yourself with a present for achieving your goal but please, don’t let it be food. A massage is great, or some new clothes.
  6. Don’t be hasty. I know it is easy to eat fast nowadays, but make sure you drink a sip of water between every bite and you will see the weight comes down faster.


These are just a couple of tips that are really helpful for losing weight. I know it is not easy. Come to my personal training studio or give me a call and we can see how we can help you get to the new you! Check our website for Boot Camps and Personal Training options!

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