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6 Hacks on How to Stay on Track When Traveling

A lot of people have to travel regularly. They often come to my facility and tell me that they are doing great while in town, but every time they travel, they have business dinners, luncheons, and no place to cook.

Bloated Food Intake

The USDA posted in 2010 that a person eating out one meal a day eats about 150-180 kcal/meal more than they would when staying in. This can mean that during the days you are gone you can eat anywhere from 450 kcal to 600 kcal more than you would on any given day at home. No wonder you struggled to reach your goals.

Hack Your Trip

It is definitely not easy to eat healthily while being gone but there are some ways you can stay on top of your nutrition, and not sabotage yourself:

  • You might not be able to pick the hotel you go to, but you can pick the restaurant you are going to eat at. Before your trip browse menus of local restaurants and look at their healthy options. Choose veggies, protein, some fat and follow the 80% rule. Stop eating when you are about 80% full (you should not be hungry for 3 hours). You know you had too much if you have to open your belt or loosen your waist band :). As always fried foods etc are off limits [insert common sense].
  • If there are not any local restaurants with healthy options use postmate to have food delivered to you.
  • Choose a room with a kitchenette and prep your food on site. Ask the hotel staff for a local grocery store or do some research online prior to your visit!
  • Something that works for some people is shipping your food prior to your trip. Not necessarily my preferred method, but whatever works for you!
  • If you are driving you can always bring a big cooler with food in it. This way you have food for the trip itself and after your arrival, giving you some time to scope the area!
  • Bring powdered veggies, protein or homemade bars

Those are just a couple of hacks you can use to stay on track while you are gone.

Now, I need a drink!

The one issue I have not addressed yet is drinking. As much as you might like your [insert preferred alcoholic beverage], it contains mostly empty calories. Yeah, yeah, wine is good for you, blah, blah. Let’s be honest: You, living an overall healthy life will do more for you, then a glass of wine a day.

Having said that 🙂 I understand that you actually might enjoy a glass of x here and there, and that some perceive it being a social a must…. If you want to drink alcoholic beverages, then have one drink followed by 20 oz of water. It will let you be part of the group but cut down tremendously on your consumption of empty calories and as a nice side benefit: the headache the next day. Your body, as well as your self perception will thank you!


Traveling is not easy on your body and eating habits but it can be managed. Make the right choices and see the body fat melt off. If you are looking for more help with your goals contact me at michael at

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