Making Time for You – Live!

This seems to be true for a lot of our personal training clients. We are busy, sometimes so busy with unimportant but seemingly urgent stuff that important actually gets done and most importantly we seem to bypass our life completely.

Steve Covey states in his “7 Habits of Effective People” that we can categorize tasks into 4 distinct areas.

  1. Important & Urgent
  2. Important & Not-Urgent
  3. Not-Important & Urgent
  4. Not-Important & Not Urgent

Many people seem to live in a constant state of urgency. Because of lack of organization and systematic approach anxiety and constant worry take over. We don’t seem to have the time to take care of what is really important to us.

Here are some ways of taking charge of your life again:

  1. Find your passion, the things that make you tick.
  2. Focus on the things that are important to you.
  3. Understand that you will fail sometimes. Most successful people have failed at some point in their life.
  4. Think of your body and mind of something that needs to be taken care of
  5. Take 30 min on one day of the week to plan the important things that need taken to be taken care of.
  6. Each day, take 10 min to organize the day, first urgent important, then not-urgent important and so on.
  7. Take Charge! Get in shape, pursue your passions, regain your health.

I hope you are having a great day,

Let me know if you want us to help you with taking charge of your health.

Michael Anders

Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting



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