Monday Drag – How to avoid it!



I am not supposed to sit here and write this post but it seems like I am relearning that lesson every Sunday. I am dragging my feet going to bed, and I LOVE my job.

So, for you out there. You cannot not just learn from what others do but also from what they don’t do. Most likely I am going to be tired tomorrow and whose fault is that? Mine!

I just made my own life more difficult for not going to bed and my personal trainers and I see that every week in personal training and boot camp. I just stepped into the same trap. I have been better lately but not today. So here is how I intend to get started tomorrow to not drag:

5 min Warm Up

Tabata Kettlebell lunges (8x20s with 10 s break)

1 min Jump Rope

Tabata Chin Ups

1 min Jumping Jacks

Tabata Push ups

2 min CD on Bike.


Have a great day everyone!



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