Rob’s Fitness Success Story

This is Rob Wilder’s story. He has been working with me for about 8 years he has had some extraordinary successes. He is healthier and fitter than he has ever been. Rob Wilder Head

How It Started

He had been training on his own when Rob’s wife Annelle had suggested to her husband that he might be able to improve his training with a personal trainer.

The Setup

Rob, already a fitness aficionado, used to be an avid golfer but had hurt his back in the process. Since then he had started lifting weights regularly, reading up on fitness, strength training, and nutrition and was well versed in the topics by now. After meeting me he agreed that setting him up on a training plan every couple of weeks would be beneficial to optimize his already impressive training regimen.

The Increase

After working together like this for a couple of months Rob decided that more one on one personal training would be beneficial to maximize his results and make sure he was doing the exercises correctly. He started working with me one time a week and slowly increased it over the years. Today we are working together 4 days a week. The training is intense but we keep it fun. Besides having become friends, Rob has accomplished things he never thought possible.

The Challenge

Rob is highly intelligent and he has challenged me as a trainer on more than one occasion. He would come with articles, books, you name it. His understanding of training exceeds far that of the average person and more than once challenged me to read up more about a topic. His dedication to fitness and willingness to try new things, pushing the envelope not only have made him a better athlete, fitter person and overall healthier but it has also made me a better trainer. He has reminded me why I am doing this: my passion to help others be their best.

The Success(es)

The successes that have accompanied Rob’s training are numerous and can be attributed to his willingness to give his best and tenacity. He has lost more than 21 lbs. of body fat since the start, and has done 21 chin ups in a row. Over time our focus has shifted. We started paying more attention to max strength. Big lifts like deadlifts, squats, chin ups with added weight, and bench pressing with few repetitions entered the arena. Just last week he did step ups on a box with 120 lbs. added weight and deadlifted from a low rack position with 300 lbs. That is more than any our clients have ever accomplished and the man is 65 years old!

The Dedication

Rob has a dedication to training and healthy living that is matched by few people. We work year round 4 times a week with each other and when I take a week off to go on vacation you can be sure he works with another of my excellent trainers.

Aside from some minor injuries here and there (pulled muscle, etc.) his training has been injury free and his back that used to bother him is not an issue anymore.

It clearly shows what someone can accomplish if they put their mind to it and when they are passionate about it and all in.

Rob is not just fit for his age, he is fit for any age! He is stronger and has a better endurance than about 95% of the male population in the US. Age is not as much a factor as people like to sometimes think!


If you need help with your training or if you like to see what your potential is,  give me a shout. The only difference between average and extraordinary is believing and working for it. Everyone can do it!

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  • Tamara Milliken
    Posted at 23:01h, 10 February

    Nice job Rob!

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