So, you are really heavy and don’t know what to do? Let me help you!

You might not believe it, but you are not the only person to be really heavy. If you way 200 lbs or 400 lbs, or somewhere in between. It does not matter.
If you want to look the way you should like, you deserve to look like you need to get it started NOW!

What to do!

  1. Start to be more active. Walk at least 10 000 steps/day. Get a good pedometer, costs you around $15-30.
  2. In the commercial breaks of your favorite TV show or sports, do crunches, squats, push ups against the wall (if regular / knee push ups are too difficult
  3. A bicyclist I know, phrased it really well: in her blog she said: Do more than zero, every day. Get started and do something for at least 10 min if you don’t feel like it. After 10 min reevaluate and do more if you want to.
  4. Recognize the eater in you: junk food (cut it down), portions (use smaller plates), emotional eater (put your emotions into motion) and address the underlying issues
  5. Sign up to forums that have similar goals to yours.
  6. Grab a personal trainer, even if it is just for a couple of weeks. A good one is going to write you a training plan and show you exactly what to do.

This is just a quick update.

Ask away if you have any questions.

Michael Anders

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