Sugar & fat addiction – more commmon than thought

This might come as a surprise to you, maybe not. More people are addicted to sugar than you might think. Even people who have a healthy weight. Often people think that as a personal trainer I do not suffer from those issues. This could not be any further from the truth. Food Addiction Charlotte Personal Trainer

My biggest downfall is chocolate. This sweet combination of fat and sugar used to make me crave it sooo badly. I would eat a family pack of M&Ms within 15 min; a whole bar of chocolate would last maybe 5 min. I would sneak chocolate by my wife in the kitchen because I was ashamed, ashamed of not being in control of my eating. I would devour every chocolate in the house.

I had to change my nutrition. After I did, within 2-3 weeks, my cravings were gone. A year went by, Christmas came back up and with it the goodies that my wife bakes, ginger bread, and the works. I had been doing really well with my nutrition and so I thought I was able to control it. It was a slippery slope. Within 4 weeks I had undone what I had worked for the whole year in regards to my cravings. I started eating a little bit of chocolate then a little bit more and more and more until I was back to my old habits.

I kicked it again but I also know now that I cannot go back. I was not happy in my body and I felt like crap.

Your problem might be a different food but most of the time it is a combination of sugar and fat that sets us off. It has to do with the dopamine release in the brain. Basically your brain gets high on its own drugs. It makes you happy and feel better. The effects can be as strong as a heroine dose.

Your issue might be a donut (sugar + fat), a bagel (sugar + fat), pasta (sugar) or even a combination. If you have similar issues to what I had to go through, then this is how I kicked my issues to the curb.

  1. I had to go cold turkey (meaning no more chocolate at all). I had to throw away the chocolate and to make sure I would not fish it back out of the trash I had to make it nasty.
  2. I started eating unprocessed foods, cooked and prepared by me.
  3. If I was craving something sweet I would use some dates (don’t recommend it anymore), due to the insulin release.
  4. Now I would make a smoothie with a fruit and protein powder and maybe a little bit of honey
  5. Avoid fat + sugar combinations.
  6. I rarely eat sweet potatoes, potatoes.
  7. I never eat rice, grains or pasta.
  8. All of my food consists of veggies, protein (fish, poultry, meat), 1-3 fruits a day, and some nuts.

This has worked phenomenally for myself and a number of clients who wanted to try it out.

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