The Diagonal Lift – Shoulders & Core

The diagonal lift on a cable machine is a great tool to work shoulders and core stability.

What does the lift do?

How you can work your core without crunching

Time to stop doing this and start working smarter

This exercise falls into a similar category as the “isometric pallof press” in that it works the core isometrically, forcing you to resist rotational forces. In addition though, it trains your anterior and medial delts for a nice set of shoulders!

How to do it!

We usually start our personal training clients in a tall kneeling position in order to minimize initial instability. The task is to keep the core stable while lifting the rope diagonally past the opposing shoulder, away from the cable. It is crucial to maintain hip stability at all times.

Progressions would be:

  • Half kneeling
  • Standing
  • Altering movement speed

The true test will be performing this exercise fast and maintaining form at all times.

What do I need to pay attention to?

  • You can squeeze a pad or foam roller with your knees in order to help with stability
  • Keeping the hips and torso from rotating.
  • Keep the shoulders packed
  • Vary the speed of the exercise and the load

I would love to help you with your core or sports performance training. Let me know if my team of personal trainers and coaches and I can help you.


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