They think you cannot do it? Boost your metabolism with this workout and you start melting that fat away

People always think they need tons of time to workout. Good news for you. That is not necessary. All we need is about 20-30 min. That can give you a killer workout and you know for sure you did something. Don’t believe it?

I will put a video on here later of me doing a workout with nothing but minimal equipment for 20 min that gets your heart going and your muscles burning.

The key is to rev up your metabolism like crazy, do some running, jumping and then mix in some powerful whole body exercises in there to get your muscles all fired up.

The result are phenomenal lost body fat, and super toned abs. I use that kind of workout all the time with my personal training clients that want to lose weight and tone up. Guess what? They all say they don’t have enough time. This is what you can do and it will kick your butt for sure. You can do it at home, heck even at work!
Ask top personal trainers around the world they will use similar kind of methods, because it works!

Equipment needed: Rubber Bands or DB, Mat

Warm Up (5 min, gradually increase the intensity) Run on the spot, Jumping Jacks, shadow box, throw some high knees and or kick (not too high though, don’t want to hurt yourself)

After 5 min we rock and roll:

Combo 1 (2-3) x

  • 30 sec of running on the spot with increasing speed
  • Bent over Row x 15

Combo 2 (2-3) x

  • (Jumping Jacks, front and side)
  • Push Ups x 15

Combo 3 (2-3) x

  • Lunge Jumps (don’t jump or do squats if you have trouble with knees)
  • Shadow boxing (2 strike combo) + leg switch

Combo 4 (2-3) x

  • Burpees 30 sec
  • Biceps Curls x 15

Combo 5 (2-3) x

  • Plank 30 sec
  • Diagonal Crunch for 30 sec

Cool Down Stretch for 5 min

This is a great workout that can be done literally everywhere. The fitter you get the more you can use advanced exercises. Let me know if you have any questions.

Yours truly,

Michael Anders


Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting, the Leader In Personal Training In Charlotte.

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