Time to say Thank You!

It is time to say thank you, at least for me it is. In Germany Thanksgiving does not really play a role and even here it seems to be controversial with some folks. People mention settlers and Indians and what not.

To me it does not matter. It does not matter what the history of it is but rather what I make of it. To me it is about an opportunity, an opportunity to say thank you to those that are in my life that enrich it with theirs and sometimes seem to make it more difficult. You might think that I am nuts but I am a firm believer in that every person surrounding me has something to teach me. You might think I am wrong and that is okay but it is true for me.

I moved to the US in 2004 with the intention of having my own personal training studio at some point. People back in Germany told me I was crazy and asked me when I would be back. My own dad had asked me when I started studying sports science why I was not studying something that would make me some money eventually and provide me with financial safety. For some time it looked like life proved them right, I had to bring things to the pawn shop to pay for medical bills and it did not look good.

Today I have a personal training studio and 4 awesome employees who bring joy into my life every day. I have friends who support me and believe in me and my vision, who have helped me accomplish what I have achieved so far.

It is easy to say thank you to those that support you and hard to tell thanks to those who don’t but do understand this: You are shaped by those around you, just like you shape others. The person who tells you that you suck or will fail might bolster your willpower and discipline, the person that tells you that what you are doing is not worth it might test you to see how passionate you really are. We cannot change people but we can choose how we react to circumstances and other people.

If you want to lose weight and your spouse keeps bringing bad food into the house, don’t blame her or him, stand firm, be proud of what you want to do because you know your life is your own responsibility. Nobody has to make you happy, support you or do anything for you. They choose to do it just like you choose to take responsibility for your own actions.

  • Nobody is forcing your mouth open and force you to eat what is unhealthy.
  • Nobody forces you to stay up till late then complain the next day at work that you are tired and stressed.
  • Nobody forces you to stay at a job you hate. You can change it, or at least your attitude.
  • Nobody owes you anything if you are an adult but you do have the right to change, to transform your life today.

Also know this:

  • You shape your environment and yourself!
  • Obstacles are made up by your mind. Have you ever seen people accomplish things they should not be able to? Most likely you have and it is because they truly wanted it and believed they could.
  • You are great until you diminish yourself.
  • If you believe you can or believe you cannot, you will always be right!  – Henry Ford


Don’t get me wrong, it is difficult for me as well, sometimes. But today I want to say thank you:

  • to you who doubted me,
  • to you who harassed me,
  • to you who belittled me,
  • to you who tried to sabotage me,
  •  to you who supported me,
  • to those that allow me to help them transform their life,
  • to you who loved and still love me,
  • to you who see potential in me,
  • to you who I am allowed to love.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Michael Anders


Head Trainer Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

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