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During my personal training I come across many people who believe that the secret to flat abs is a gazillion crunches and ab exercises. They rather do those and never succeed than doing what it really takes to get flat abs or even a six-pack.

It is critical to understand that ab exercises have yet to lead to flat abs. No matter how many you do, you will never have flat abs if that is what you are relying on.

The reason for that is quite simple. Your abs are covered by subcutaneous fat, meaning fat sitting between your skin and your muscle. And we are talking about a ton of it. You have easily a couple of pounds of fat sitting there.

Now, one pound of fat is 3500 kcal. Have you ever thought of  how many crunches you would have to do to burn 1 pound of fat? You would have to do roughly 35 hours of crunches none-stop to burn 1 lb of fat.

Hey, if you choose to do that, then be my guest. I rather get those flat abs faster.

If you want to do the method that I use in my personal training or boot camp, then do this:

  1. Get your butt moving, I am telling you, sitting on your rear for 8 hours/day at work and then 3 hours in front of the TV at home makes your butt and your abs look quite doughy.
  2. Get your nutrition right. Okay, this is a key thing. Get vegetables, fruits, and small portions of lean meat and carbs like potatos, or rice. Speaking of carbs, make sure they are whole wheat, or as little processed as possible and make sure that you stay away of crap like donuts!
  3. Do some strength training, and I do not mean lifting 1 lb weights one hundred times but actually use a weight that fatigues your muscles within 10-20 repetitions completely or almost completely. It will help preserve and grow your muscles which will “tone” your body once you start losing the body fat. If you are a woman, don’t be afraid to lift. Unless you lift like a bodybuilder you won’t look like one. Now grab those weights and get going. By the way, the handle of your recliner does not count as a strength exercise.
  4. Cardiovascular training does have benefits besides burning calories, it helps you get more stamina, fatigue less during the day and overall feel better, and just like with strength training, the walk to the refridgerator to get the ice cream does not count as cardiovascular training. A good way of judging if your work intensity is high enough: be able to reply to a question with a short answer but not with a whole lecture.


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  • Abs workout routine
    Posted at 14:15h, 18 March

    So the best way to get a six-pack abs quickly given that you’re focusing on abdominal exercises, Divide you abs workout by first focusing on the upper abs for each day or a session and then try focusing on the lower abs next time. Attempt obliques on the session and repeat this cycle within the week.

  • MichaelAnders
    Posted at 01:51h, 19 March

    I agree that working out your core is key but no amount of abdominal exercises is going to give you a six pack. The key is to shed the layer of body fat on top of them 🙂 which is done by a combination of nutrition, strength training and cardio.

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