Vitamin C, the super vitamin?

A lot of people take vitamins. Physical active people even more, some take doses of 10 to 10 000 times the Recommended Daily Intake (RDA) hoping to supercharge their body. Especially now in the winter time people are often taking vitamin C like candy.
What people need to understand that excess vitamins behave as chemicals in our body.
Megadoses of vitamin C can precipitate gout in persons predisposed to it. Some ethnic groups also have a genetic metabolic deficiency that transforms to hemolytic anemia with excessive vitamin C intake. Irritable bowl can also happen and leads to diarrhea. Against common believe excessive intake of vitamin C does not protect from Upper Respiratory Infections.

So what is the actual RDA for Vitamin C?

Adult Males: 90 mg/day
Adult Females: 75 mg/day
Recommended Intake for Athletes: 200 mg/day (ranges up to 500 mg)

The best sources for vitamin C are fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try to get as much fresh food as possible. I know we are in a pill popping society but supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet.

Have a fit and healthy day,

Michael Anders


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