Want to really get rid of the weight? Then commit!

Hello everyone,

“I want to lose the weight that I gained after college, kids, etc.” I have heard it so many times. I also have heard the excuses and reasons why it does not work, why they cannot lose the weight. I’ll tell my clients to stop right there and look at themselves in every way. They are unhappy, they are not fit and their eating is bad to horrible.
I am proud of the members of 411fit.com to commit to their goals. They are important, at least as important as what your spouse wants / needs.
Take yourself and your goals more seriously.
It is easy to fall of the wagon. When we were kids we had parents tell us what we have to do, now as adults we don’t have that. We can do whatever we want to, whenever we want it.

Don’t starve yourself, don’t become a social hermit because you have to exercise 7 days a week, 3 hours a day. You don’t have to do these things but you have to commit!
You have to commit to setting yourself boundaries, boundaries on how much of the “good stuff” you are going to have, how much TV you watch, you are your own parent now.
I have seen people doing great in training and still not lose weight. They have a trainer setting them boundaries, but nobody who prevents them from putting the food into their mouth.
This website has helped tremendously with adherence to a well balanced nutrition, but again YOU need to do it. Commit to your own success, to your own transformation.
So many times I have people not eat the foods they like and do great for a couple of weeks, then bam, cravings hit and it is all over. Allow yourself what you like, but set boundaries and be honest when you log it.
Living a healthy life does not work only 5 days a week! You are not going to work! You are committing to a new you. A new you does not mean to be a food nazi, or an exercise maniac.

My wife who by the way hated exercise (ironic since she married a trainer) complained many times to me that she was not losing weight. I mentioned (carefully and afraid of the wrath of doom) that a little exercise would be beneficial, 30 min a day for most days a week. Grudgingly she started to exercise. Then she complained she was still not losing weight (all the while shoving gum balls in her mouth). I cringed, because I did not want to be the trainer at home (I wanted to stay married). I decided to tell her that watching her diet would be the next step……silence…..(I was preparing for the life-ending hit over the head, it never came and I am still married 🙂 )
She started to watch her eating and slowly dropped weight. She now has lost 20 lbs and is fitter than she has ever been, she enjoys showing me her “guns” and her “steel hard abs” . I have never seen her happier and more excited. She still eats all the things she liked but she reduced the intake of it considerably. She started to exercise but did not go nuts about it.
If my wife who hated exercise and loved junk food can make that transformation, so can you. Commit, commit, commit. Let me be there to help you. Never dispair, there is always a solution.
Distance yourself from friends who pull you down, because those are not friends.

Michael Anders


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