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Why Behavior Goals Are Better Than….To Accomplish Fitness & Health

Outcome Based Goals

Behavior goals are typically better than outcome based goals. The reasons for that are simple. You can develop new habits and you are mostly in charge of your actions. Outcome based goals especially when it comes to big goals like losing 30 lbs  or gaining 20 lbs of muscle are difficult to time exactly. Behavior goals are much easier to set.

Our fickle bodies mess with our head

Our client’s goals range from losing xx lbs of fat, to gaining xx lbs of muscle mass, to running xx min/mile faster, hit the golf ball xx yards further. We like to use numbers and they are a great goal to accomplish but not optimal goals to strive for.

The reason is that we have minimal control of our body’s reaction to training, hormone levels, stress, etc. Our bodies are individually different and what might work well for one person, will not work well for someone else. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer for your body to adjust while someone else takes to it right away.

That does not make outcome based goals a complete disaster. It is just difficult to put a hard timeline to it. Yes, most people can lose 8 lbs of fat per month and do great, if….everything aligns. They do not have excessive stress levels, they sleep, their hormone levels are within the normal range, etc. You see a lot of things have to fall into place that we cannot directly influence.

Use outcome based goals in a loose fashion and give yourself room to improve. Be a little bit more conservative.

We are not powerless

That does not mean that you are hopelessly victimized by circumstance. Quite the opposite, behavior goals are geared to aligning “the stars” in your favor. I usually recommend not taking up more than one, maximum two habits at a time, unless you truly are a go-getter. You can always add to each new habit after a 1-4 weeks depending on how much time you need to adjust.

Behavior Goals To Ultimate Fat Loss / Fitness Success

  1. Eat until your 80% full (fat loss)
  2. Eat plenty of veggies with every meal
  3. Eat sufficient protein with each meal
  4. Time your starchy carbohydrate intake to after your training session (fat loss)
  5. Sleep > 7 hours/night
  6. Have “me time”.
  7. Work less than 55 hours/week
  8. Accomplish your goals 80-90% of the days during the month

Go set your behavior goals and see an amazing transformation happen. If you would like us to help you, go check us out at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting. 

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