Personal training helps stop making excuses

You know what to eat and do but you are not happy with your fitness level

Most of our clients are beginner’s in fitness when they start with us but we have a good number of clients who have been pursuing fitness for years, even decades and are not happy with their results.

They come in and when we talk to them, it is pretty evident that they have been reading up, have been in the trenches. Still when you look at them or their performance it does not seem to measure up to their knowledge.

So what is the problem?

In many cases it is accountability. What are you accountable to, who are you accountable to? When we have people write down when they train and what they eat, it  becomes obvious quickly that most people lack consistency. They train alright but they are busy at work and they miss a training session here and there. Missing one training session = not a big deal but missing one of 3 a week = 33% of your training in a month. You won’t be successful this way. With nutrition it is the same way. If you have a cheat meal you will still rock your goals but if you have whole cheat days or a cheat meal each day [which basically comes down to 2 whole cheat days counting breakfast, lunch and dinner] you are not going to make it.

What is your What?

It is much easier to stay on target if you are working towards something you really desire, and sadly weight loss is often not enough.

It might be: you wanting to prove to yourself that you are not the weak person that you were in high school or college, your first race, an active vacation with heavy duty hiking, you name it, the sky is the limit. In a few cases it can be health or fitness but I have seen it primarily work for people who have had a big scare like a doc telling them they are going to die if they keep it up. Even then unless they truly feel bad the chances are high that it won’t stick. They are training away from something, which can work at times. It is better to find something positive to train towards.

Who is your Who?

We train better if we are accountable to someone, at all times. with the good and the bad. It can be a personal trainer, it can be a friend, a family member, a dietitian, it even can be your online social media community. Find the person that is right for you. This person might change over time and you might find other people who can fill that role.

Powerful Combination

A combination of both will have the most impact. You will have most likely the most success If you are working with a person [i.e. personal trainer]  and you are working towards a specific tangible goal at the same time.


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