You want to gain some muscle?

Okay, not all of our clients just want to shed weight, some of them want to gain muscle mass. We have good and bad news for you. Leaning out and gaining muscle mass is not necessarily easy. You have to really clean up your diet. I recommend the Paleo Diet, it makes scientifically the most sense and we have seen great results. Jonathan dropped 4% body fat in 8 weeks and his strength gains are huge. I, myself lost 10 lbs within 5 weeks and dropped 7% body fat in an 9 week period. All the while the strength increases were tremendous.
Now, when trying to build muscle mass you really have to make sure your caloric intake is high enough. That does not mean you are allowed to eat crap like cereal, sweets and fast food. You rather should be focusing on having fresh vegetables, and fruit. Grass-fed meat, poultry and fish are your source for good protein. Make sure to have an after-workout protein shake (preferably egg-white protein powder) within 30 min of your workout to help the body refuel, recover and get stronger.
Your nutrition is on course now. Your training should consist of at least 3 days of strength training, aiming for 4 days. If you train 3 days or less don’t even think of doing split routines. You would get inferior results. Instead aim for the whole body and make sure you equally push, pull, do something for your legs (squats, deadlifts, single leg squats, back raises, sled pushing, etc) and something for your core. With core we don’t mean twisting or bending but rather work on core stability than anything else.
You need to log your training to make sure progression is assured and stop when you experience technical failure. Do not continue, you would just get injured. You should be doing around 2-3 exercises per function (push/pull/legs/core) with 4-5 sets per exercise with 8-12 repetitions for hypertrophy. Set breaks should be about 45s. Breaks are important but the timing of breaks is as well. Being in the gym for 2 hours but sitting there 5 min between sets playing with your phone is completely pointless and detrimental to your success. If you train 4 days a week I would recommend a split of Chest/Tri/Shoulders + Core and Back/Legs.

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