10 common mistakes while working out

Wow, I had to write this one. I was sitting on the computer this morning and I was just thinking about the things that I have seen people do exercising, trying to do well but doing the opposite. They are randomly put together. So here it is:
The 10 Things Not To Do!

  1. Don’t wipe your face with your towel after you sat on it on a machine in the gym or even worse wiped the machine off. Staph infections are spread that way. Use alcohol based desinfectant or wash your hands with soap at least as long as it takes to recite the alphabet. Use the provided paper towels and sanitizer to clean the seat / handles of your machine before you use it.
  2. Do not wear sweat suits made of plastic. I have said so in an earlier blog but cannot reiterate it enough. It is not good for your health and workout efficiency.
  3. Wear decent running shoes while running with less than 400 miles on them. If the sole is worn you can be sure the shoe needs replacement.
  4. Go and lift weights without warming up. Warming up prepares your body for the impending tasks and lets you lift better and potentially avoid injury.
  5. While lifting weights I have seen people exercise with the speed of lightning. They bang out the repetitions like they are racing. Unless you do a structured power training I would recommend against it. The risk for injury is too big. As a guide you can say that one repetition should take at least 3-4 sec.
  6. Sit Ups, they have become more popular over the last couple of years again. Even Pilates is using them in one form or the other. Not everyone is capable of doing them right. 90% of the people I have seen doing them are killing their back. To make it worse they do it on a decline bench and through a medicine ball at a friend. There are other more healthy ways to train your abs efficiently
  7. Not enough fluid intake while working out. Constantly replace fluid, especially during the hotter summer months.
  8. If you are a long distance athlete, you need to replace fluid and fuel!!! You will notice your performance getting better
  9. On the phone while exercising. Hand on your heart, do you really think you get a good, safe workout while you are talking to a friend on the phone? It is rude, because nobody cares about your conversation and you need to restructure some things in your life if you cannot be off the phone during your workout. If you are on call, that is a different story.
  10. f you are getting up early in the morning and run / walk outside in the dark. Don’t wear your ipod / mp3 player. You are not aware of your environment. Especially as a woman there are other dangers involved than an oncoming car that you don’t hear.
    This are just a couple of things I thought about this morning. The list is not complete and I am sure most of us (including me) have done one or two of the listed things.

    Michael Anders

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