18 Days into January – have you started, stopped or are you succeeding?

I was listening the other day to someone who is really successful in the fitness business and he said that one of the biggest mistakes people make is that they wait for the right something to work out. What did he mean with that?

First of all we need to understand is what he does. He helps personal trainers be successful. He is not working with clients who want to lose weight, tone up, gain muscles mass etc. He works with fitness professionals.

He elaborated on what he meant with his statement:

People always wait for something to happen in order for their goals to take shape

  1. The right time, like a Monday, the next month, week or year.
  2. The perfect setup: You have all the logistics worked out, business cards, etc.
  3. A friend to help…
As you can see you can always add to that list and looking at my clients and myself I see a similar pattern sometimes. Like I already posted in my New  Years Revolution. It is time to get away from that and move on to actually doing it. The other things will fall in place if you are committed.
Like Wayne Gretzky said: “You miss 100%of the shots you don’t take.”
Now off to doing it!
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