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4 Drills for Thoracic Spine & Shoulder Mobility

Due to an increasingly sedentary work environment for most people that involves sitting at a computer for ours typing away or staring at numbers etc. We see more and more people in a posture like the one at the end of the caricature.







The shoulders are slumped forward and people are constantly hunched. Here are 5 drills you can do to improve thoracic spine mobility, scapula movement, and chest flexibility.

Thoracic Spine Extension

Being in a bent over position for most of the day can wreak havoc on your posture . This drill is great if you have a strong rounding of your back and work in a hunched position

Thoracic Spine Rotational Mobility

If you are lacking rotational mobility this drill is for you. Make sure to keep the back straight, you can support your head with a pillow. Make sure to pinch the foam roller tight and reach towards the ceiling and diagonally out.

Prayer Stretch

This stretch hits thoracic spine extension, scapula movement, triceps stretch & lat stretch. Make sure to keep the head in alignment with your spine, don’t drop it. Keep the back straight, don’t arch your back. If you have a tendency to arch the lower back to avoid the stretch, scoot closer with your knees. This rounds your back more and prevents you to arch.

Pec major & minor Stretch

If you are really tight in your chest use a half foam roller. It puts you into a better position. Press the arms and elbows on the floor and slowly reach beyond your head and pull back. Hold the stretch in a 90 /135 and 180 degree angle for 10-15s.

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