4 Exercises you might want to include in your training!

Our personal training clients make one thing clear over and over again: they don’t have time!

Additionally I can see people again and again using exercises like biceps curls, triceps extensions and leg extension and leg curls like they are god’s gift to mankind.

Don’t get me wrong, I might (and the emphasis is on might) include some of those exercises in my personal training routines but mostly I don’t!

Here is the reason why: They don’t deliver the biggest bang for the buck!

And you might want to say: “Hold your horses! What if…!”

  • I am injured
  • I want to tone my arms/legs, you name it.

Here is the deal. Remember the time frame? I only have so much time in the day. I run a business, have a family, exercise and train clients. I want my client’s and my own training to be as effective and safe as possible.

I sort my exercises by priority. The ones that work the most muscles the most efficiently go first. If by the end of the training I want to throw in some curls, etc. I can.

If I do those exercises I know I still did the most important stuff beforehand! But let me tell you, most of the time I am just done physically to do it.

Even if you want to get big and you can ask one of my female clients who likes to bodybuild we do the big movements first. At the end of the training, when she is tired, when she cannot maintain good form on those movements then we move on to isolation exercises.

Here are the four movements you want to include: Please bear in mind that good form is always the key:

Squat and its progressions: Front squat (we don’t do back squats anymore), split squat, single leg squat assisted, etc.

Chin Ups/Pull Ups: What better way to work the arms and back?

Push-ups: you cannot do one yet? No problem, go on your knees! You are pumping out 50 in a row? Stop bragging 🙂 and use superbands around your back to make it harder

Deadlifts and its progressions: A great training for the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. Work yourself up to doing them on one leg.

I hope this was helpful. If you have questions on how to progress your exercises properly, or incorporate them into your training routine safely, please call me at 704 777 3743 or email at michael@charlottepersonaltrainer.org .

Have an inspiring day,


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