Alright, I was asked to post another killer workout.

Here we have another killer workout. This is not a workout to boost your metabolism like crazy, like the other one, although the workout in itself is pretty damn intense and kicks major butt. There are no breaks between the supersets. You keep going from one to the other. The focus here is clearly strength / endurance. The heart rate won’t go up as high but believe me when I say, at the end you will ask, who is done with who, the workout with me, or me with the workout?

Here is what you do:

Combo 1

Squat + Kettlebell Swing, switch arms at the top (3-4 x 20)

Dips on bench with feet on a medicine ball (3-4 x 20)

Rest 30 sec

Combo 2

DB Squats + Biceps Curls, going into a Front Press, check out the video (3-4 x 20)

Chin Up Assists (3-4 x 20)

Rest 30 sec

Combo 3

Push Up Pank + Cable Row (3-4 x 20)

Lateral Arm Raises (3-4 x 20)

Rest 30 sec

Combo 4

Push Up / Tuck in one knee (3-4 x 20)

Dead Bug (3-4 x 60 sec)


Have a great workout and let me know if you have any questions.

Yours truly,

Michael Anders

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  • Ashley
    Posted at 18:06h, 20 October


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