Are you having trouble getting rid of the pounds?

I have been working for years with clients who want to lose weight. A lot of them had great success but some have not. It is something that is not easy for a personal trainer to admit but we are not always successful. A few struggle a lot.

Over time I have seen a pattern evolve:

  1. Client comes to me wanting to lose weight/body  fat
  2. Clients has some initial success (10-25 pounds)
  3. Client regains weight over 2-8 months
  4. Client has trouble to lose weight again. They have a hard time to apply the tools they are given, may that be nutritional tools or exercise, and training plans.

In my experience and my research an eating disorder is often just a symptom for underlying emotional and psychological issues that need to get addressed. If you feel that this could apply to yourself I would suggest working with a counselor (some are even specialized in eating disorder). I know that many people feel like there is a taint attached to seeing a counselor but the success in context with it and the happiness with achieving your goals are definitely worth it.

If you feel like you repetitively hit a barrier with your goals and you see that you could improve what you are doing but cannot get yourself to do it, then this might be an option for you.


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