Back to school, back to looking awesome!

The summer vacation is up and the kids are back to school. Are you ready to get back to looking great, or did you even manage to keep your accomplishments from before the summer break?

Well it is time to get back on the wagon and I have seen a bunch of people come in again that seemed to have vanished during July and August.

Now back on track, quite literally we are going to look at your body just the way we would look at a high performance car.

  1. Inspection
  1. Are the curves still the way they are supposed to be? Meaning, have you put on the pounds and you are less than aerodynamic?
  2. Do we have any structural damage after summer? What kind of injuries are plaguing you?
  3. Check filters, etc! Well, have you had your yearly check up with the doc yet? Make sure you are well and healthy and ready to go!
  4. Fuel! Are ¬†you filling your gas tank with the cheap stuff (McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants) or are you putting the good stuff in (veggies, meat, unprocessed organic foods, low alcohol intake, lots of water)
  • Repair
    1. Take a picture of a body that you like and that is achievable and put it on your mirror
    2. Tell your friends of your goals and work towards it.
    3. Talk to your trainer about your injuries and aches so that he or she can pay attention to them and help prevent more problems
    4. Put a grocery list together and never go shopping while hungry, because all the bad stuff will find its way into your shopping cart.
    I know the comparison with a race car is kind of cheesy but people seem to take better care of their cars than themselves. They spend more money on repairs and inspections than they would ever spend on their own body and well being. Get angry and fed up when you look at yourself and don’t like it! You deserve better but YOU have to take the initiative and put that energy to good use.
    It is your turn to feel good again.
    Let me know if I can help!
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