Beginner’s Weight Lifting Routine

  1. Break in between sets is 30- sec.,
  2. Pain at any point is not acceptable
  3. on a scale of 1-10 with ten being impossible hard, the last repetition in a set should be a 8-10, increase weight if that is not the case. Another way of increasing the intensity is to add another set.
  4. Consult your physician before starting any kind of exercise. These exercises might not be appropriate for everyone. The instructions in this training plan are not meant to replace any medical advice. Exercises shown in this training plan can result in injury. Any user of this training plan assumes the risk of injury resulting from any use of the shown exercises.


Squat Slow / Fast
Keep the weight on the heel, bend knees and hip harmonically
Don’t bend your knees more than 90°
Go 5 slow, 5 fast, 5 slow 5 fast

2 x 15-20

1 Leg Heel Raises on stairs

Lower your foot only slightly below step and raise it as high as possible.

2 x 20 each side

Wall Squat

Squat against a wall and hold it for 30-60 sec. keep the weight on the heels

2 x 30-60 sec

Crunch with feet on the floor

Lift the shoulder blades off the ground and curl up. Don’t pull on your head.

2 x 60 sec

Push Ups with knees on the ground / or off
Keep the back straight, the hands shoulder width.
Go slowly down until a fist fits between you and the floor. To make it easier push the butt out and put more weight on the legs

2 x 15-20

Rubber Band Lat pull
Attach a tubing or band to the door. Squat slightly and bend over out of your hip. Slowly pull the elbows back towards your hip and back.
2 x 20

Rubber Band Lateral Raises
Take an easy band hold it with both hands and step on it, then lift your arms laterally up to a horizontal position.

2-3 x 15-20

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