Bikini Season is upon us…or maybe not?

Many have tried to get ready for the bikini season. We have had many come in to get ready for the beach. Not all of you have made it. Some have done a phenomenal job and are ready to show off their beach bodies. the question is what let’s one person succeed and another person fail?

If I look at my clients who succeeded I see the following things:

  1. Clear set of goals (weekly, monthly and maybe 6 monthly)
  2. Do it now, not on Monday. What holds you from changing your life now? If you cannot do it now you are not really dedicated!
  3. Exercise. Almost all of my successful clients embraced exercise as part of their new lifestyle not as something they have to do. Try do something you enjoy
  4. Support: Yell it out to your friends and collegues. Tell everyone about it. You  hesitate? I guess that committment only is skin deep. Reevaluate and DO IT!
  5. Tell people who try to get you off your goals by offering you food and drinks besides what you have told them to stop doing that.
  6. Successful clients try to sleep at least 7-8 hours / night
  7. They feel empowered by knowing that it is up to them instead of feeling defeated.
  8. When they fall off the wagon they get right back on
  9. They find an excuse to exercise not one to stop!

These are just a some things that I have observed. Look at yourself and see where you belong to. If you are not doing it and you feel you are not successful get on it right now. Work it! I believe you can do it. Everyone can! I am so fired up now I am ready to exercise and kick some butt. It will have to wait until my break though.


Let me know if you need any help!




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  • Shane Doll
    Posted at 17:40h, 01 July

    Michael, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. I see the same thing with my most successful clients and this is good information to share. People want to know about the habits of people who see a true body transformation and this is some great insight. Best of luck with everything up in Charlotte. I’m doing my thing down here in Charleston. You ever get down this way look me up. Always looking to network with other fitness pros. Take care- Shane

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