Can I have a Nice Toned Butt?

What is a nice toned butt and can I have it?

The quest for the perfect behind

The quest for the perfect behind

We hear this more and more often. The body part that people focus on changes over time. Lately it has been all about the butt. Some men & women claim they cannot have a toned, shapely butt. I have one client & friend who even jokes around saying that she lost her butt working out with me, when in truth she has a very trained, athletic behind that is rounded but certainly anything but big!

We have to differentiate between butts that look shapely because the

Real, photoshopped or worked on?

Real, photoshopped or worked on?

person is highly lordotic (arching the lower back), or because it is really a butt comprised of some well trained muscles combined with good nutrition.

Jen Selter, a social media celebrity has a strong lordosis which accentuates her posterior. What I am saying is: she is sticking it out.

I personally think that even if she did not it may either be overdeveloped, photoshopped, worked on, or all of the above.

What is realistic to accomplish?

Butts, like the rest of the body come in all different shapes and forms. Everybody can train their glutes to get a shapely butt, lift it up a little bit. A trained butt is not necessarily a big butt. Big butts are primarily due to fatty tissue deposits.

Go and work out at the gym. Do squats, lunges, deadlifts, bridges, you name it. You can make a difference in the shape of your tush!

One thing: If you are not changing your nutrition, most likely you won’t see the changes you want to see.

One of the best exercises to really train your behind is the barbell bridge as seen below.

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