Carbohydrate Facts And Weight Loss

Teaching Boot Camp and also as a one on one Personal Trainer I have come across a whole bunch of questions concerning carbs:

I know, a lot of fad diets tell you that carbohydrates are bad, but that is not necessarily the case. Actually, some of the side products of carbohydrate break down help the the fat burning metabolism.

Most important rule: Any macro nutrient, meaning Fat, Protein or Carbohydrate can MAKE YOU FAT!

The reason for that you gaining weight follows one simple rule: You eat too many calories, you gain weight!

Like you can see with these two guys below, carbs can have┬ánegative side effects ­čÖé

Now here are some simple facts that you should know about carbs:

  1. Carbohydrates (like fruits) alone can cause your blood sugar to drop.┬á┬áAfter an initial spike insulin will regulate the blood sugar back down but can cause a drop below the target level, especially when the carbohydrates are released into the blood stream rather quickly. It is better to eat something with protein with it (like yogurt) It will last longer and you won’t have the craving you will, having just carbs.
  2. the more complex your carb the less hard you will crash
  3. Carbs don’t fatten, calories do. One teaspoon of carbs has 16 kcal, whereas one teaspoon of fat has 36 kcal. Also, to convert carbohydrates into fat 23% of their energy will be burnt in the conversion process, but only 3% of fat will be burnt to put it on your hips!
  4. Carbohydrates fuel your muscles and help the fat metabolism to run optimally
  5. Make sure that your carbs come with a lot of fiber, it will help reduce the low blood sugar crash (hypoglycemia) and it is good for your intestines. (whole grain breads, potatoes, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, etc)

Having this said. This is not a permission to totally pig out but eat sensibly and in moderation.

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