Charlotte – Training Does Not Make You Lose Weight?

So you think you are doing the right thing and you run on the treadmill and you do some lifting and the darn weight does not come off. Why is that? This is a common problem initially in personal training or boot camps. The problem is that increased physical activity always goes along with increased appetite and hunger. I mean it makes sense, you are spending more energy so your body wants more energy.

They key  thing here is the nutrition. I recommend my clients to log their food, go see a nutritionist or follow programs like weight watchers. To do that will help you acccountable. Now the key for your nutrition is also to eat the right food. What is the right food? Now we are getting into an almost religious discussion. Some people will tell you that vegetarian is the way to go. Some people will recommend the Atkins diet, the Southbeach Diet and a ton of other diets. Something that came up over the last few years is the Paleo Diet. A diet that has a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, animal products (not necessarily dairy) and little grain. The food is supposed to be unprocessed. Overall the diet is pretty balanced. I personally like dairy products, don’t feel any ill effects and don’t see a reason to change it necessarily. The key in my eyes is moderation and staying away from things like high fructose corn syrup, etc. Eat plenty vegetables (without buttter), have some fruits, nuts and seeds and in my case meat and it will make you happy.

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