Charlotte Weight Loss Checklist 2011

Alright, here we go. The new year is here and most of us have some kind of intentions for the new year. If you are like a lot of my personal training clients then you want to lose some of the extra pounds of fat and tone up.

Here is a checklist to your success:

  • know what you are doing by reading about it or hire someone at least for a short time to teach you what you need to do.
  • Make reasonable goals 50 lbs by May might be doable but is a huge goal. Set smaller short term goals. It is definitely more successful
  • Hold yourself accountable and have others hold you accountable by telling everyone about your goals.
  • Imagine how you feel in that new body of yours and see the difference to now!
  • Ask for help with your family, tell them not to tempt you with foods you like but know that they are not good for you. Family can be one of the biggest spoilers of success.
  • Log your food, know what you eat, how much you eat! Take the guess work out of it. When a clients of mine fails it is usually because of that. Check websites like or
  • Workout every day a little bit. Don’t have one big workout session and make yourself so sore that you cannot walk for days, lift your arms and brush your teeth. Go easier and go more often
  • Increase the intensity slowly.
  • Weigh in every Monday. Don’t step on the scale every day. The fluctuations will drive you nuts. Always weigh in in the morning and naked. Don’t wear clothes or do it in the evening the weight won’t be accurate.
  • Make sure to mix cardio training and strength training to maximize your results

These are just a couple of things to think about. The next blog will continue our excursion into strength training and the risks and benefits of Max Training.

You guys rock, you are doing something. Something is better than nothing!


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