Complex Training – One way of increasing your metabolic output

One of the problems that a lot of personal training clients have is that they  do not have enough time. Since about 60-65% of clients seek a personal trainer because they want to tone up or lose weight this is a great way of intensifying your training. Complex training in this context means that you have one piece of equipment that you use to switch from one exercise to the next without actually stopping and by doing that creating a complex.

Here are a couple complexes that can work wonders in your training routine and increase your metabolic output while toning your muscles into something beautiful:


DB Complex:

  1. Db Squat w/ Overhead Press leading into x10
  2. Bent Over w/ Db  x10
  3. Reverse Lunge w/ biceps curl coming forward x10
  4. Single Leg Db deadlift x8

BB Complex

  1. Barbell Clean x5
  2. Front Squatx10
  3. Military Press x 8-10
  4. Single Leg Deadlift x5-8
  5. Reverse Lunges x10

Landmine Complex

  1. Reverse Lunge + Front Press x10
  2. Torso Rotation x 16
  3. Single Leg Deadlift x8ea
  4. Front Squat + Press x10
  5. One Arm Row

These three complexes are just three that you can use in your pursuit of melting away the fat. So let’s get of your butt and work those arms and legs.


I hope you have a great day,



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