Do you like to be overweight?

It is amazing, the holidays come along and out go all the good intentions. Don’t get me wrong, I like to eat all the goodies myself and I actually do! If you want to survive the holidays without any damage or even make progress you have to realize a couple of things!

  1. You are in charge and you look exactly the way that you accept to look like, if that means you are 30 lbs overweight, well you choose to look like it. If you did not you would do something about it.
  2. Stop being stranded and make some half-assed efforts. Log your food and don’t, please don’t tell me you don’t have the time, because you sure have the time to eat. Logging your nutrition only takes minutes. I do it, you can do it. It will also empower you to eat the food that you want to and not feel guilty because you were in charge and control!
  3. Set your goals. Plan out your weight loss / Weight maintenance. Write down clear goals like lose 5 lbs. 4% body fat, going down 1 size.
  4. Plan your strategy.
    1. Figure out how much food you need and log your food on websites like or
    2. Plan your training: Do cardio, do strength training, train with a personal trainer or a boot camp, or train for a 5k
    3. Tell all your friends about your goals and ask them to support you.
    4. Take massive action. Only action takers will achieve their goals. Ask my clients, the ones, who really go for it have huge success!

Enjoy the upcoming weeks,


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