Do you squat part 2

Squatting is an essential part of training, regardless of wanting to lose weight or getting fitter. Here is a video that can give a little bit of an insight into the matter.

I am talking about the body weight squat, the goblet squat as well as the front squat here. Again, we do not perform the back squat anymore due to an increased risk for back injuries.

Things that are important while squatting:

  • do not let the knees collapse
  • have the feet placed hip to shoulder width apart and slightly outward rotated.
  • the wider the stance the more external rotation of the feet
  • make sure to¬†not tuck the hip under when going low. This comes with an increased pressure on the lumbar spine and potential disc rupture
  • try various grips with the front squat. Depending on wrist mobility having your hands underneath the bar might be too difficult or actually painful.
  • form is everything, the moment the form fails you are done, we seek technical failure not muscle failure.


I hope this post was helpful,

I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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