Fat Loss Challenge Among Trainers – Lessons to be learnt

Last year I had a pretty incapacitating overuse injury, starting around December I had metatarsalgia in my left foot. Running was not possible. For me it was horrible because  I had been on a good way towards a 7:20 min/mile Marathon. I still kept on training by using the elliptical, resistance training, martial arts, etc but the energy that I had was out. Needless to say I kept eating like I was still training for my marathon. I am an emotional stress eater and eating definitely soothed me.

I am back to running now, sometimes I feel like I am so slow that I run backwards, but hey, I am happy to run. My strength training has increased, my martial arts training is getting there and I am becoming a dad. Everything is moving along nicely.

Jonathan, one of my trainers, suggested a challenge: Each of us had to lose roughly 1% body fat by the end of the month. It was on. In case I did not make it I had to train one of his boot camps in the morning and pay him for it and he would steam clean my facility in case he would not make it.

During the next couple of days we tried to tempt each other and taunt each other with food when I realized: That is reality for most of my clients!

They make an effort lose weight and friends and family continuously offer them food and temptations, totally ignoring their friends goals. We did it intentionally, teasing each other. I claim family hopefully does not do that intentionally but it is still as damaging.


  1. If you are the one wanting to lose weight. Tell your friends to get it together and not tempt you or offer anything that works against your goals
  2. If you are the friend, then be a real friend! Be supportive and help them as much as you can. Do not bring cookies or anything else.
Having help from a personal trainer or a boot camp instructor can be crucial to success.
I wish you a lot of success.
P.S. I am excited to let you know how the challenge works out!
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