Feel the burn!

but not the pain….something that a lot of athletes follow. I catch myself sometimes pushing through pain and with pain I am not referring to burning muscles but rather the pain of injury. I am a trainer, not a saint. I know what to do right, but sure enough my own insecurities sometimes keep me pushing where I should not. With some aches it is okay to keep working out with some it is not, a change of routine is necessary.
As a runner, I have occasional plantar fasciitis (if I neglected my stretching, yeah, I am a bad boy), IT-Band issues and other things. As long as the symptoms are getting better within a short period of time you might not have to lay off what you are doing but just ease off a little bit. But then when I am done training I will take care of my body, ice it, stretch it, use the foam roller, NSAIDS if necessary and strengthen areas that are weak.
None of us are superhuman, you work out, you will get hurt, eventually. It is you who decide to deal with it. If you have pain, limited range of motions, the pain does not dissipate despite doing everything you are doing, go and see a professional. orthopedists, chiropracters, physical therapists and personal trainers can help you stay on task with your body.

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