Fun Weight Loss in Charlotte not possible?

I don’t know about you but a lot of people who have come to me think loosing weight is one of the most awful things to do and rather painful. I have seen it at the gym multiple times. People are pounding the treadmill for hours, wearing sweat suits and then after six weeks give up on it because they are either injured or have not accomplished their goals.

Well let me tell you that does not have to be the case. Working with a personal trainer or doing boot camps can be a fun way to loose weight and accomplish great things while meeting people who are also interested in fitness and health.

There are many different programs out there that are fun to do, may it be one on one personal training, small group personal training, Zumba, Jazzercise, or Boot Camps. The key thing is it needs to be high powered and dynamic. I personally prefer highly energetic small group personal training or boot camps because they incorporate strength and high intensity intervals (to get your metabolism going) whereas other classes might just offer one aspect. The small groups offer support that you otherwise might not have and the trainer is accessible for information on nutrition, training and other positive changes you can do in your lifestyle.

Groups might not be for everyone. If you are really self conscious or have special medical needs one on one personal training might be the way to go. The best thing is talk to your trainer and figure out together which direction you should take.

If you support that activity with other fun ones like, running, biking, hiking, rock climbing, walking and so many more you are guaranteed to have great success. Just don’t forget: Exercising is not an excuse for crappy eating habits.

We at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting offer one on one personal training, awesome small group personal training (3-6 people) and boot camps which have amazing benefits. You get the attention of a trainer similar to a one on one training session, you save money, have others supporting you and have probably way more fun than you would have under normal circumstances.

Have a fit and healthy day, and remember you are the way and look the way you are comfortable with. If that was not the case you would do something to change it. If your heart is really into it, do something today, not tomorrow, next week or next year, but today.


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