A Zombie App can help you with your Fitness in Charlotte at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness

Getting Fit While Zombies Are Chasing You

It is sometimes hard for people to get started working out. There are thousands of apps by now providing you with training tools and good advice but what most apps lack is one crucial thing: The fun factor. 

In comes Zombie Run: This running app that puts you into an interactive post-zombie-apocalyptic world full of perils, opportunities and….walking, jogging, or running at your own pace.

What the game provides:

  • The free version provides you with 4 missions to try out.
  • In between game interactions you are able to listen to your own tunes, Pandora, Spotify, etc, the game will automatically pause the music and restart it.
  • It offers an additional “Chase” mode that notifies you with a warning sound of zombies approaching. In order to avoid the zombies you have to pick up your pace by a certain percentage which can be changed in the paid version ($2.99/month or less)
  • During the run you will pick up items that you can later use to distract zombies from catching you (in case you fail to increase your speed enough) or use it to build out your base (speaks to the computer geek inside of us, ahem me)
  • The game provides an interesting story line that keeps you captivated and makes you want to run more
  • The game will track your run statistics and enables you to share them
  • By now they have accumulated over 200 missions for you to do
  • The paid version can be set to automatically go towards the next mission or you can choose to radio mode (default)
  • The game does not dictate your pace other than to speed up during chases. It also does not forces you to change directions
  • Settings to use when you are on an elliptical, rowing machine or treadmill
    Zombie Run App at Shape Up Fitness & Wellness Consulting

    Are you faster than a zombie?

What is my experience:

  • By the time I am writing this I have run two missions with it so far. Running on trails makes it harder to avoid getting caught by zombies due to GPS inaccuracies.
  • Each session so far was about 30-40 min long. I like the radio setting as well as the go straight into the next mission setting
  • It definitely kept me motivated and made me pick up my pace.
  • I have a tendency to push myself and at points I tried too hard to “evade the zombies” which made me gas sooner considering I was running 7-8 miles total in hot and humid conditions
  • I definitely plan to use it more often considering I found the story engaging, the program interactive and it made me work harder. I will to make sure to pace myself.


This might not be for everyone but especially for people who like computer games and interactive games this is fun. It can get you motivated to move your butt off the couch. I highly recommend giving it a shot. Become Runner 5 and find out what you can do in-game a well as on the road/trail running

Here is a video that gives you an idea what it sounds like:

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