How to Deadlift Correctly

This exercise is often performed wrong. Rounded back, too much of squatting. You name it.

Man deadlifting

A great way of shaping your butt and keeping the hip stable

Here is a short video I put together to help you clean up your deadlift and hope you get this great exercise down.

Setting up your deadlift

  1. Inhale deeply into your stomach
  2. Pack your shoulders
  3. Make sure your back is straight

Picking up the weight

  1. Press through the heel
  2. Focus on pushing the floor away with your feet
  3. Exhale during the motion or on the very top

As you can see in the video despite me telling you to keep the cervical spine aligned you see a slight curvature of the my neck. I decided to leave it in the video to demonstrate the difficulty of the exercise. I was sure that at the time my neck was aligned which tells you that your own feedback is deceiving at times!

It is important to have either people check your form or you checking it yourself with a camera.

Let us help you accomplish your goals,

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