Performance and Strength Training in Charlotte Athletes

Strength training can have a great impact on your performance, positive as well as negative. It really depends on what your goals are and what kind of sport you want to increase your performance in.

Some sports have a bigger strength component than others. A marathon runner does need less strength than a sprinter., same for a long distance bicyclist versus a time trialist. A power lifter’s needs for strength versus endurance is just the other way around, his primary component is strength.

Even if you are fitness warrior who just likes to get stronger, leaner and more buff, structuring your strength training can give you a severe advantage.  Strength Endurance Training (Duration 30-45s)  with breaks (10-30s circle) or( 60-90 station)

This training intensity is 75-50% 1 RM. with 6 sets and 3 Exercises.

This training improves:

– the lactic acid tolerance and the recovery – which helps you withstand the acidic build up in your muscles during exercise and perform better for longer during your training.

– improves the lactic metabolism – increases your performance in the strength endurance  area

– muscle glycogen depots – increased muscle glycogen depots help you to be able to perform better during the training because your energy depots last longer. Fatigue may set in later.

This training represents a great basis for your fitness and future fitness success.

Depending on the sport this kind of a training represents a bigger component or a smaller component. The blocks of the training should be 4-8 weeks long. The following training blocks should build on that and cycle throughout your training year. We use it in personal training frequently. It is a hard training, that can feel very fatiguing and exhausting. The benefits are well worth it though.


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